E3 2015

Thoughts: Great Start for Bethesda

  • June 15, 2015

Start to Finish Bethesda hit every note gamers wanted to hear. Starting off with showing extensive gameplay of Doom in action and boy does it ever like and feel like doom. Not a single dialog word spoken, gruesome kills, all the weapons we love, Snapmap customization mod tool, and Arena baby!! Loving me some doom right now!

The Elder Scroll online stuff went over my head to be honest. Played that game in beta and was never impressed. The Legends mobile game feels like they just want to compete with Blizzard.

Which also points me over to Battlecry and that feeling like they want to compete with Valve. #BethBlizzValve has been born, gah…

Dishonored 2 had a very impressive and beautiful trailer and I’m loving the female protagonist. Wait there’s a male protagonist as well with a different story to tie in?!  Well holy smokes.. ::golf clap::

And then came Fallout Overload – I knew Fallout 4 was going to have a show but boy did it blow me out of the water. I should note that I’m not a fan of Bethesda games and don’t like fallout and Elder Scrolls games. Something about the stories feel weak to me. Finally, Bethesda has sold me into their franchise with Fallout 4. The main character voice acting, the witty Dialog, the customization.. THE CUSTOMIZATION!! WOW!! So much of it, and each aspect of each feature sounded unique and fun and so immersive. Love the Build your own settlement part the most.

Hands down probably going to be the best of E3 award winner. Oh, and that pip boy addition.. BUYING IT!

The best thing in my opinion was the Fallout Shelter Mobile App game which I wish was coming to my Android… I’m so upset I can’t play this right now XD  Looks like such a fun game. A mix of This war is mine and like tiny tower and FTL rolled into one sweet Fallout game. I’ll definitely get this is it comes to one of the devices I have.

Their announcements of the mobile game hitting tonight and Fallout 4 releasing on November 10, 2015 were perfect..  For a long time E3 has needed something like this. Something to surprise gamers to not wait so long for what they see at these Press conferences. This should happen for every reveal, waiting 1-2 years for a game just announced is so lame. Thank you Bethesda for putting on a good show for your fans and for gamers.

::Stands up and applauds::


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