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Events Are Coming Back To PixelRadio!!

  • August 21, 2015

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Hey everyone,

First off thank you all for supporting the PixelRadio Community. As you all know, many things have changed from changing from a Grooveshark Broadcast to this full on community project. Pixel Radio on and the Website were created to make the community…  managers of what they want to see and hear on Pixel Radio. When we first came together on to start this new journey we all expressed our ideas on rules, guidelines, and other general ideas for the Broadcast. Thanks to various members of our community, we have created not only rules and guidelines but have created many events that have been successful and fun.


About Event Theme Days:

Recently I had put Event Theme Days on a hiatus to gather up thoughts on how to better manage said events. After some consideration, I have moved some events around and have added some new ideas. Event Theme Days, (like our horror day, Sega day or SquareEnix day) have been moved to a Bi-weekly schedule and will be set on a Friday instead of on a sat. This means that every 2 weeks a new theme will be set for that day, ending with a possible concert or live event if one can be found. Upcoming theme will be posted on our site and the bi weekly schedule will make it easy for you to gather any needed music if you would like to participate. The change to a Friday was made so that we could help involve as many people as possible. Usually during the weekends, the broadcast is mostly empty due to our listeners enjoying their days off and such. Friday makes sense since people will still be on to listen from work and this can give them an extra enjoyment to finish off their week. If Bi-weekly is too long of a wait, please let me know if you think the community can push it to be a weekly event.


About New Music Monday:

New Music Mondays is a new event day that I would like to test out for our community. Every Monday, the community will get together to play new music they have found and haven’t listened to on our broadcast before. These will be your personal favorites you have recently discovered, whether from a new or old games you’re playing or just something you came across that you think the community will also enjoy. I realize that there will be a few instances where listeners will probably say they have heard this song before on our broadcast and that’s ok. Don’t feel pressured and select music that you yourself have not heard before on our broadcast. Now depending of how dry our selection may run each week, I may change this day to a bi-weekly or a monthly event. Please let me know how you feel when listening to this event day. and try and save your new music you find for these days to really get a full selection of songs we haven’t heard before.

In part with this new day, I will be bringing back something I use to create for my listeners on Grooveshark.. Fan Playlists!  Every FIRST Monday of the month, I will gather a list of songs from both the community and newly released music and post my findings on the website.


About Way Back Wednesday:

WBW are still here, but why not make this an entire day of old classic music. That’s any music from N64 era and older (Yes, that includes PS1 and Sega Saturn). Music must be Original audio only, no HD covers, or remixes. I’ll be trying to adjust some of my personal playlists to accommodate to this event day. I would suggest creating new playlists on that will be ready for WBW and adding appropriate music for the event if you haven’t already. Since I know this event day was created by others, please let me know if you have any moderations you would like to make to it.


Future Event Ideas:

The following events are not official and not yet implemented, but I wanted to post here so we can have a conversation about it.

Fan Day – once a month on a selected day, the winner of a monthly raffle will have a full day or set amount of time to Solo DJ. Music of choice will be up to the winner so long as it is still Video Game Music related and in our already set rules of music. The winner will be selected a week or 2 in advance to prepare. If choosen winner is not able to present, a follow up winner will be able to DJ. Both the Winner and Follow up Winner will be posted on out website and I might event through in a prize of a game to the winners (depending on the state of my income at the time)

PixelRadio TV – In the past I have always wanted to and have experimented with creating a TV like service for Video Game content. New and Old Videos of content from VGM media history, events shown like past E3’s or advertisements from the 80’s, 90′, and today. Youtube is full of media that many don’t get to see or haven’t seen in years. I’d like to create a second channel for this type of content on but it may have to be a private invitation only room. is by first a place to broadcast music and this may be outside the lines of a public room we can broadcast. If interested, please let me know, I’ll be setting up a channel in the coming days to test out.

If you have any ideas for events or other things you would like to see on our broadcast or our website, please feel free to bring it to me and I’ll try to make a spot for it somewhere. 🙂


As for said events noted above..  I’ll give you guys a week or so for conversation before we start rolling them out.  (Just in time to start the month of Sept off right!!)


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