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New Theme For Friday (10/07/16) – Game Trailer Music

  • September 25, 2016

It’s time for us to host a new “Theme day” guys.. It’s also time for a new game giveaway to thank our lovely community.

On the first Friday of Oct., we plan on celebrating Game trailers and the music used with them. Music can be a central piece if not the most important piece to a great trailer. It can cast a magical feeling while watching that can both hype you into the game and also immerse you into its world or theme.

I would like us to be able to showcase game trailers that have more of a musical impact than a voice over track playing. So please try your best to minimize the talking or FX sounds, although I understand that most trailers will have a mix of that. While Game trailers alone are musically great, I realize that it may be difficult to find a full playlist for a days worth of content to broadcast. So I will also allow Game intros, Cut scenes, and advertisements.

Here’s a list of games that were at this years E3 to maybe help you find some of the latest Game trailers.

Also keep in mind that some of our everyday rules will be broken as most gametrailers use real world trendy radio music. Gametrailers of this kind will be welcomed on this theme day only.


I will be giving away 5 games to 5 lucky listeners via a raffle on that day to thank the community. The raffle will begin when we start our broadcast day and end at 12am eastern time. Winners will be announced the next day. I want to thank our community for all your support and coming in regularly to listen to amazing VGM on our channel.


If you plan to play your regular everyday favorites during the public DJ portion of the day, that is ok but please be present if you are DJ’ing. If music is queued and the DJ is 100% AFK, I may skip your music to keep to the theme.

Thank you for your patience and if you do get skipped, I apologize.. please say something in chat so we can re-queue you properly.

Music will start at early morning once i get to work Friday (eastern US time) and last all day till midnight sat.


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