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Pixel Radio Teaming Up With Hidden Gems Broadcasting

  • August 16, 2017

Hello fellow Pixelradites o/


Today I have an announcement to make. As the title suggests, we are teaming up with Hidden Gems Broadcasting and are helping to sponsor them.

Who are HGB, you may ask? 

HGB is a Canadian based online music broadcast channel. They pride themselves in Country, Rock, Folk and Blues! Hosted by Live DJ s from Ontario, NS, NB, and ME.

Our fellow Pixel Radio friends, Buckycarbon and Ambrlion have been helping to broadcast 2 of their shows focused on Video Game Music.

Bucky has a show named Ten Pounds of Sound that will help you explore music in the gaming world and beyond!

Ambrlion has his own show called the D-Pad, where he focuses on not only introducing you to VGM but also help to educate you about different aspects of the songs he plays.

HGB has reached out to us, to help sponsor their broadcasts. Together we have found a way to contribute. Details of that will be announced soon but contributions may start as early as Sept., with a few game giveaways. Bucky and Ambrlion will have access to my list of giveaways to hand out to their listeners as they feel fit. That means possible contests, trivia, or a simple handout of their choosing to a lucky listener.

With Gaming culture on the rise, HGB is interested in supporting Video Game Music and gaming culture. They are looking into starting up new video game focused shows that can vary from music to talk shows/podcasts/or other geeky culture. If anyone is interested in starting up their own show, please reach out to me and I will help start you up with HGB.


But there’s more!

With the help of our sponsorship, we have ask HGB if it is ok for us to broadcast some of their gaming shows on our Pixel Radio Dub room. HGB, Bucky, and Ambrlion have all been kind to respond positively and are excited to help us bring some flair to our night time scheduling. I will be talking to both Bucky and Ambrlion on setting up live feeds that can be embedded into our dub channel at scheduled times of their choosing.

Bucky normally broadcasts Tuesday nights and Ambrlion on Mon and Tuesday, so expect them to work out their feed to Pixel Radio to share the same time they broadcast on HGB. Of course they are welcome to broadcast more often if wanted.

For our Pixel Radio community, If these types of shows interest you and you would like to talk to me on setting up a show of your own, on a time of your choosing. Feel free to contact me, we can work out the details from getting you on live, scheduling, promotions, and any other help. Remember that Pixel Radio is fully non-profit so any help I can give you will come from the back end. I will do my best to help get your show properly promoted with our community and outside. Hopefully these new shows to our prime time hours will in turn bring in new people and new interests to Pixel Radio.

Look forward to both shows from Buckycarbon and Ambrlion coming to Pixel Radio as soon as we work out the tech side of things. Expect an announcement of when they go live on our dub chan, discord, or other social media hangouts.

Love you all and I hope you will be there to support them 🙂

You can listen to HGB at

Buckycarbon goes live normally at 8pm ATL (7pm EST) on Tuesdays

Ambrlion and The D-Pad goes live normally at 9PM EST on Mondays and after Bucky’s show on Tuesdays (9pm EST)


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