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New Theme Days Are Coming And Changes for Friday

  • November 28, 2017

Hey Pixel Radio Fam o/

I know it has been awhile since we had a big theme day event. So I got not just one planned but three to announce. Please be careful to read the details on each theme below as they may differ on rules. I hope you guys enjoy this coming month of December and I will likely start making new themes bi weekly going forward. Also I have a change for Fridays that will add some new flavor to our community and new genres of music that are allowed outside of the normal VGM. Thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing your feedback. I will make changes if necessary. <3


DEC. 8-10   – Blast From The 80’s Theme Day Weekend!

Normally on Theme days our rules would be strict to VGM. I wanted to create a Theme day that would go outside our normal rules but still feel at home. On this day, you will be allowed to experiment on bringing an 80’s feel to Pixel Radio. Bring in 80’s remixes of your favorite vgm games, maybe toss in some 80’s synth chill music, or some 80’s nostalgia for us to enjoy. The only rule I will strongly enforce will be popular 80’s music from the jukebox. So that means no, A Flock of Seagulls, or Guns N Roses, but I’ll allow 80’s nostalgia bands/artists that capture the same feel but not the same songs (for example, Electric Youth, LORN, or Futurecop).

This also means our normal weekend night rules are allowed and they do tend to get the feel of the 80’s in (80’s Japan culture included). I don’t think I have to mention much more about the quality of songs to choose from.

Another change on Theme days that I’d like to experiment. I’d like to extend the music into the weekend to give 3 days for a theme to roll out, as many of you can sometimes gather a lot of songs for your playlists. I’d also like to make Friday (Dec. 8) a mandatory day for theme rules to be enforced only on theme weekends. Just so we get an full authentic theme feel.

If this event is loved enough, I may even consider making it a weekly day <3



DEC. 22-24  – XMAS – Pixelmas: X-mas Theme Day Weekend!

Since this event has become a bit of a tradition with us, I thought I’d give it a name (name change still possible with feedback)

Every year we gather our favorite X-mas inspired VGM tunes. Songs that were included in games and some remixed to give it that X-Mas flavor. You all already know what to look out for, some of you will likely start earlier than this theme day. So let’s have us a joyous festive December. As mentioned on our previous Theme Weekend, we will be enforcing theme rules on the Friday of the event (Dec. 22).


Jan 5-7  – 2017 Remixed Theme Day Weekend!

With a new year ahead of us, full with great VGM to come. Let us take a final look back at the music that made games from 2017 great with a remix. That means any song from a game that came out in 2017 remixed to any genre you love. 80’s Zelda: breathe of the wild remix, trap version of horizon music or metal version of Nier Automata music. Idk if any of these exist but I want to find out. lets get crazy and experiment with new sounds of our fav 2017 games. As mentioned on our previous Theme Weekend, we will be enforcing theme rules on the Friday of the event (Jan. 5).

Japan Attack! Fridays (Name still in the works with feedback)

Previously we had fridays sat as Future Friday and Theme Days. With Theme days now being bi weekly and not much interest in Future Friday rules. Perhaps we can introduce a new type of day. I know many of you have a liking to Japanese culture and that has been seen within the games we love and the music we play on night and weekend rules. So I wanted a day to experiment with all thinks japan. 80’s Japan nostalgia music, Jpop, Jrock, Anime Music to name a few genres. We can work on the rules and dislikes as we test it out. For now Fridays that alternate as non Theme Days are for Japan Attack! Fridays. Rules for this day will be allowed throughout the whole day but not enforced. It is the only day of the week that breaks the Daytime VGM only rule other than the weekend.


I hope you guys love the changes and can give me feedback on what you like or dislike.  You know how to find me on many sources, but if you can drop any suggestions into our discord suggestions room.

Love you all and Thank You for the support <3


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