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  • June 4, 2019

Hey all, Just wanted to update you all with a few things I had in mind. I have the next 2 weeks with vacation (aka staycation) to work on stuff from home like the radio community and streaming. So with that said, I wanted to run a few ideas with you.

About New Music From Pixel Radio

  • New music that I add monthly to the playlists on Youtube are starting to overflow to the point where if I had continued to roll it into playlists on DUB, it would take months for it to be added if not over a year. So what I’m thinking of doing is using the pixelmonstrr account to play the playlists of the months going forward. As you know, I create new Playlists of the Month at the start of every month using music from games that came out the previous month and any random music I found that month. That music would take over the pixelmonstrr account, as music that will play the whole month until a new month rolls in. This way, you’ll find a variety of music with the main Pixel Radio account and new music and albums from the Pixelmonstrr account. Once a new month rolls in, if you weren’t able to grab your favorites. You can still listen to the old playlists from our PotM posts on our website. In time those songs will be added to the Pixel Radio account playlists.

About Special Events

  • Special Events have become difficult to create by myself and can take a lot of planning to create playlists from not just myself but the community as well. Although I love the flow of new never before heard music on the channel. I don’t want to stress anyone of our listeners on keeping up with this task. This does not mean Special Events are going away, but I am thinking about ways to simplify it for our community.
  • Instead of creating new events every weekend, we will focus on events that have worked in the past and rotate then in every Friday. The list of events chosen are not final, but here is our chance to create a list of events that can be finalized. This will help our community to keep permanent themed playlists (If they haven’t already) on these selected events and add to them at their own pace.
  • The following are some ideas for our Themed Friday events: Epic Instrumental, Rock, Concert day, Lofi, Japan, and Vocal. I’d like to add a couple more, but would like you’re feedback on what should be added.
  • I haven’t forgotten about special events that might happen around the year, like E3 or other video game special event concerts or press conferences. These will be the only exceptions and will be planned accordingly. For example E3 is around the corner, and I plan on having our yearly Music from E3 events. Stay tuned for that soon.

About Mellow Monday

  • You may have noticed I didn’t add Mellow music like Jazz and soft melodies to the theme Friday Events. This is because I want to make Mellow Monday actively enforced again. Jazz, Funk, Oldies, Instrumental, Guitar, Piano, and Soft Melodies are all allowed on Mondays. Most of you already have playlists of these types, so it should be an easy transition. This is also our favorite theme day in our community and has always been a great start for the week. So please help us make Monday Mellow again <3

About Instagram

  • As you may or may not know, I am also pretty active on Instagram trying to promote the Pixel Radio community. I try to post daily music during the weekdays and also have started to do community shout-outs for people within our community and also of supporters on Instagram. Overall, it has helped me create a steady flow of promotions for the community and also I have been able to network with other fellow Instagram-ers in the VGM community. I bring this up because I have always been about trying to help others in the community that have also been supportive of Pixel Radio. So if you’re involved in any projects that could use a shout-out, let me know. It does not have to be VGM related, any project is OK. As a reminder again, these are posts I make daily on the weekdays where I choose one person to shout-out. So if it is important for me to shout you out during a selected day, please let me know in advanced.

About our Pixel Radio Music on Streaming sites

  • I can’t remember when I started streaming our channel on sites like Youtube, Twitch, Mixer and others but it feels longer than a year. Overall, I would say that it has been a success on bringing in new listeners. You may not see the impact in the Dub channel for different reasons. Either those listeners stay on those platforms where it is being streamed and listen there, or they come into our Dub channel and are listening invisible without an account. We get new followers everyday on these sites, So I know there’s a crowd of people looking for a great VGM community. Some of these people have already made it into our community and are actively part of chat and discord. Thank you for the support <3
  • If you currently have a Twitch account, it would be a big help if you can add us onto your auto-host list or help promote us when you go live. Our channel has been playing on Twitch for well over a year now and have yet been struck with any take down notices. So using the music from our Dub channel is an alternative if you need stream music for your live streams. I’m not sure how Youtube, Mixer and other streaming sites work with auto host features and such but links to where we stream are provided on our website if you need to point someone to any of our streams.

About Pixel Radio Streaming games

  • This is an area where I haven’t been able to invest a ton of time into. Mostly cause running the radio site and other daily tasks take up most of my time. As I find ways to streamline the radio, I have been able to open up more and more time for other things, so hopefully I can start Streaming on a consistent schedule. To keep alerted about when I do stream, I normally refer everyone to our Twitter or Discord pages, also I try to make a post on Instagram from time to time but Twitter and Discord are the most reliable. I hope to see you guys on Pixel Radio TV from time to time.
  • Coming soon, I will be doing an E3 co-op Reaction Stream with my friend TheGutsyGamer throughout the E3 week. So come enjoy E3 with us <3
  • Every Year we stream E3 events on our DUB channel, I may or may not stream our co-op onto DUB.

About the giveaway that was promise

  • LOL I haven’t forgotten and I’m planning to release the details soon as we move into E3. I am trying to find a way to marry the giveaway with the incoming E3 festivities. It’ll be a grand giveaway and many if not all of you will be able to select a free game. Look forward to it within the end of this week.

About future updates

  • I may start looking into making quick update videos for you all to watch/listen to. It would make it easier for me to post on all of our social channels. I may try to test this out with this update with my time off, but I just wanted to get this out as quickly as possible.

Thank you all over and over again for the support you give Pixel Radio. I hope you all enjoy your time with Pixel Radio and enjoy these new updates. You know how to contact me about any feedback.


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