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Retiring Soundtrack posts on the site

  • October 26, 2020

So I have made the decision to retire making individual posts for soundtracks on the site and post them on discord. Reasons for this is due to the time it takes to make these posts. Very few even look at these posts and they are also hard to maintain and  keep updated if a playlist goes black. Although I love the look and style of each post ive ever made for soundtracks, it would probably be in the best interest for those who are interested in the individual soundtracks to check them out on discord.


I will still continue to host this site to archive the old soundtracks and also to keep the pages for rules, events, etc live. It will also still function as a home for the PotM, which are the massive collections of soundtracks I gather each month into one large playlist. I will try to feel this out and see how other react to it, so things are never final. Maybe I can find ways to invest the time saved into other areas or ideas for the site.

I hope you continue to enjoy the soundtracks and playlists gathered.

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