Community Rules


Please be civil and respectful human beings while listening/chatting. Admins are present if needed.

No talk of Politics or Religion in chat.

Help keep chat clear of any potential drama/distractions <3


Community rules for music:

To begin with, it is important to remember that we are a community for video game music first and foremost. That means we want 90% (or higher) of your playlists to be genuine music/songs from within a game.

Songs you queue must be related to video games!

Songs must be under 10 minutes

Refrain from using songs that repeat or extend from the original song. Try to keep those to a minimum length.

Please do your best to find music with an appropriate title to the game it represents and also with little to no sound fx from game within the song. (eg. choose “Fallout 3 Soundtrack – I dont want to set the World on Fire” over “I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire-The Ink Spots“) This will help the mods over any doubt from where the song comes from without asking the DJ.

Remixes of original video game music are acceptable (including piano, instruments, 8bit versions, or other genre versions of the original song)

No Mashups/Parody songs of non-VG songs (eg. the Heavy Weapons Guy from TF2 singing Justin Bieber’s “Baby”)

No filler soundtrack music (eg. GTA Radio Music, Rock Band/ Guitar Hero Music, EA Sports Background Music)

Licensed music is allowed only if chosen to be a thematic piece for immersion within a scene/world of the game (eg. Intro song to Borderlands, Bioshock/Fallout Radio Music is ok).

Licensed music used in trailers for promotional purposes are also allowed, but please try to select music that is appropriate and goes well with the game and our community. (eg. Forza E3 Trailer, The Last of Us Part 2 Reveal Trailer).

Original music created to parody a game song is allowed (eg. StarBomb, Brentalfloss) but we would like you to keep this type of music to a minimum. Many of our listeners, listen to our station during work hours and it can be a distraction. Vulgarity and profanity is especially unwelcome to our 9-to-5 working listeners. (special reminder to our intl’ listeners)


Weekend Rules (Saturday and Sunday only)

Although many of the rules that are set for normal weekdays is still in effect. We will make the exception on songs that can be played outside of video game-related music. So long as the music can flow with the music that is normally played on our channel.

For example, Chiptunes, Future Funk, lofi hip-hop.

It’s important to understand that we are primarily a video game music channel, so many listeners come in for that type of music exclusively.


Please help us, help you.

Songs will be reviewed as they play and may be skipped by a Moderator. If you feel your song falls within our guidelines, please have a evidence ready if necessary or ask a Moderator before playing the song if it is ok. We are here to help when needed and we will correct the issue ASAP. When corrected you will be placed on the top of our lists as a courtesy for our wrongfulness.



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