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Mellow Mondays

A day for us to experiment with VGM genres that are a little more low key and soft toned.

Genres to look at for example are – Jazz, Funk, Oldies, Instrumental, Guitar, Piano, and Soft Melodies.

What genres to not take as an example – 8bit, Battle Music, Epic Scale Music, Electronic…  Basically anything too loud and out of theme.

Of course, you can still play your everyday favorites, so long as you are not in afk mode. Please be considerate of others that are taking part in the theme of the day.

I hope that you all enjoy this day and support it with lots of new music. Happy Mondays!!

Themed Fridays

Each Friday Pixel Radio will be rotating themes that the community loves. Theme Fridays will be subject to various different themes of music and may not always include Video Game Music, but we will select music that is healthy to the community and closely related to the video game music genre (for example, instrumental music, chill hip hop, synthesizer music. Old themes like japan culture, 80’s retro style music, publisher inspired days, and much more. Event list rotation will be posted below, so keep your lists together and continue to build upon them for the next event. If you are not able to create a playlist or find music, there is no issue with you just sitting back and enjoying the music others selected. Themed Fridays will be enforced in order to keep the theme of the day. Special Rules will be listed below with each event if needed.

Look below here for future named events for Themed Fridays.


Rock Day (Aug 21)

Rock, Metal, Heavy Guitar VGM Covers and Remixes

Instrumental (Aug 28)

Orchestrated, Big Band, Small band, Single instrument Covers and Remixes. Traditional Instruments Only

80’s Retro (Sept 4)

Any 80’s influenced music and blends within with video game music. non vgm is allowed, for example Synthwave, Retrowave, Lo-fi, Vaporwave, Chillwave. Please continue to leave popular radio music out of your playlists

Covers/Remixes (Sept 11)

VGM Covers and Remixes only

Vocals (Sept 18)

VGM music that has lyrics/vocals – language is not important (No humming/Choir songs)


Bonus events may occur during special holidays or gaming events.


I hope you guys love the changes and can give me feedback on what you like or dislike.  You know how to find me on many sources, but if you can drop any suggestions into our discord suggestions room.

Love you all and Thank You for the support <3


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