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Mellow Mondays

A day for us to experiment with VGM genres that are a little more low key and soft toned.

Genres to look at for example are – Jazz, Funk, Oldies, Instrumental, Guitar, Piano, and Soft Melodies.

What genres to not take as an example – 8bit, Battle Music, Epic Scale Music, Electronic…  Basically anything too loud and out of theme.

Of course, you can still play your everyday favorites, so long as you are not in afk mode. Please be considerate of others that are taking part in the theme of the day.

I hope that you all enjoy this day and support it with lots of new music. Happy Mondays!!

Themed Fridays

Theme Days are back on Fridays. Day will be subject to various different themes of music and may not always include Video Game Music, but we will selecting music that is healthy to the community and closely related to the video game music genre (for example, instrumental music, chill hip hop, synthesizer music. Old themes like japan culture, 80’s retro style music, publisher inspired days, and much more. Events will be posted with enough time to gather playlists. If you are not able to create a playlist or find music, there is no issue with you just sitting back and enjoying the music others selected. Rules for this day may be enforced. Please check the Welcome Message for notification on these days. It is the only day of the week that breaks the Daytime VGM only rules other than the weekend.

Look below here for future named events for Themed Fridays.

Feb 1 – Chill Moments


Whether it may be your favorite RPG or nerve wrecking souls game. There’s always songs in our games that fill us a sense of fantasy, adventure, and relaxation. Today we are hosting an event for chill music that runs in most of the calmer moments throughout the games. Remixes and covers are allowed but let’s keep within the chill relax sound of the theme. So Rock and EDM genres are examples of not to queue up.

Soundtrack Examples: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Tales of, Elder Scrolls, Persona, Shadow of the Colossus, Legend of Zelda.

Feb 8 – Epic Bosses


We started off calm last week, now its time to hit the Boss Music or Super Intense moments in games. Music that pump up you up to the edge of your seat in preparation of an incoming epic battle. All Music genres are allowed.

Game/Boss Examples: Legend of Zelda, Souls Music, Shadow of the Colossus, Mega Man, Final Fantasy.

Feb 15 – Jazz/Ska Day


You all know the drill, it’s our regular Jazzy smooth chill day.

Genre Examples: Jazz, Big Band, Ska

Feb 22 – Smash Celebration


Smash Bros Ultimate has the largest roster ever, with characters from a ton of NIntendo Properties and even some partnerships from outside Nintendo. Today we play music from any of the characters found in smash. That includes music not found in Smash Bros Ultimate. You can borrow music from the games the characters come from. Remixes and Covers are allowed.

Game Character Examples: Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Mega Man, Final Fantasy 7, Bayonetta, Castlevania, Donkey Kong, Animal Crossing.


I hope you guys love the changes and can give me feedback on what you like or dislike.  You know how to find me on many sources, but if you can drop any suggestions into our discord suggestions room.

Love you all and Thank You for the support <3


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