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Mellow Mondays

A day for us to experiment with VGM genres that are a little more low key and soft toned.

Genres to look at for example are – Jazz, Funk, Oldies, Instrumental, Guitar, Piano, and Soft Melodies.

What genres to not take as an example – 8bit, Battle Music, Epic Scale Music, Electronic…  Basically anything too loud and out of theme.

Of course, you can still play your everyday favorites, so long as you are not in afk mode. Please be considerate of others that are taking part in the theme of the day.

I hope that you all enjoy this day and support it with lots of new music. Happy Mondays!!



Way-Back Wednesdays 

WBW are still here!

That’s any music from N64 era and older (Yes, that includes PS1 and Sega Saturn).

Music must be Original audio only, no HD covers, or remixes.

I’ll be trying to adjust some of my personal playlists to accommodate to this event day. I would suggest creating new playlists on Dubtrack.fm that will be ready for WBW and adding appropriate music for the event if you haven’t already. Since I know this event day was created by others in our community, please let me know if you have any moderation you would like to make to it.


Japan Attack! Fridays (Name still in the works with feedback)

Previously we had fridays sat as Future Friday and Theme Days. With Theme days now being bi weekly and not much interest in Future Friday rules. Perhaps we can introduce a new type of day. I know many of you have a liking to Japanese culture and that has been seen within the games we love and the music we play on night and weekend rules. So I wanted a day to experiment with all thinks japan. 80’s Japan nostalgia music, Jpop, Jrock, Anime Music to name a few genres. We can work on the rules and dislikes as we test it out. For now Fridays that alternate as non Theme Days are for Japan Attack! Fridays. Rules for this day will be allowed throughout the whole day but not enforced. It is the only day of the week that breaks the Daytime VGM only rule other than the weekend.

E3 2018 with Pixel Radio and The Gutsy Gamer

E3 is just a couple of days away and Pixel Radio is teaming up with The Gutsy Gamer to bring you duo stream reactions of all the E3 press conferences.


We will be combining our communities to give you all a live experience where both can interact and talk all things E3. During each conference we will be setting up our streams to start an hour early before so we can talk speculations and hype about each individual press conference. We will also have the chance to answer questions with our chat about our thoughts on E3 and games announced. When the press conferences start, watch live reactions from each of us as we get hyped for all the new games announced!


Pixel Radio is starting a day early to get us hyped with a special video game music event on Friday. We will be playing orchestrated music from some of our favorite games. Listeners will be able to queue up some of their favorite performances, and at every other hour we will be playing a full concert of many of the live recordings over the years. Expect to see performances from Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, The Nintendo Special Big Band, Video Games Live and some others.


Streams will be available via both Twitch and Youtube as well as running on our Dubtrack room. Read below to follow our accounts and get ready for a fun weekend.

Pixel Radio on Dubtrack

Pixel Radio on Twitch

Pixel Radio on Youtube

Pixel Radio on Twitter


The Gutsy Gamer on Twitch

The Gutsy Gamer on Youtube

The Gutsy Gamer on Twitter



I hope you guys love the changes and can give me feedback on what you like or dislike.  You know how to find me on many sources, but if you can drop any suggestions into our discord suggestions room.

Love you all and Thank You for the support <3


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