What is Pixel Radio?

Hey! Yay, you made it.. you found us. \(^_^)/


Who are we you ask?

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We’re Pixel Radio.. A Video Game Music Community got it’s start on Grooveshark. We then moved onto Plug.dj and Dubtrack.fm. Now our current home is mainly on Twitch. Our main focus is to entertain you with VGM but why stop there. We are a community driven site where we all share and love VGM. We all love video games and we all have stories and moments we want to share. We have created The Pixel Radio Project.


Pixel Radio TV is my little space to stream games and chat with you all on Twitch and many other platforms from time to time. Here we will be playing a variety of games that I need to complete. I have become a hoarder of video games and my backlog list is piling up. I enjoy all types of genres but often stick to MMO’s and single player experiences. Two of my long running games I play and stream are Guild Wars 2 and Final Fantasy 14. I started streaming primarily to make friends and perhaps help grow our pixel radio community into a larger and stronger community. A community that not only loves VGM but can someday become a place to hang out and talk games in general, on or off stream. I have made a ton of friends here on Twitch and look forward to meeting many more of you. Come to our game streams for the content but stay with us for the community.

When offline, feel free to join us on our Twitch Channel for some amazing music. You can also find me posting frequently on our Discord, Instagram and Twitter.

Please jump on Discord if anything goes wrong.
Admins for Pixel Radio are available. Feel free to reach out to them if help is needed.


Pixel Radio Project is our base of operations for our community. If you are an avid listener on our Pixel Radio Broadcast or simply love games. We encourage you to contribute to our new home. giphy (1)









Feel free to use our community and Discord to help you.

  • Are you a streamer within our community? We have a home and place for you to design and promote yourself.
  • Are you an Artist or Designer? Why not link or post your work here to showcase for our community.
  • Do you like to write or have a thought on gamer related goings like news, upcoming games, or the latest game you played? Share that with us.
  • Have a Music playlist you found or a wacky gamer video you found or created? Drop it off in our library or post it on our Discord.

We’re here to help you and also give you some kick ass Video Game Music to listen to.

Really, we’re a happy community and we only want to continue to show off our love for games in a friendly environment. Welcome to the Family <3


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I highly recommend joining our Discord. It is our home away from home and our central base if anything bad ever happens to any other platforms we are on. Within Discord you can find many of the posts given here along with posts given by our lovely community.




We value you coming by to listen to VGM with us. That alone is enough to warm our hearts.

Our community is mostly run by fans like yourself, free of charge. All funding for Pixel Radio comes directly from personal funds. If you feel that you would like to help. You can donate and support our community, with the link below. There are even free ways to donate advertisement bits via Twitch. Any little donation is appreciated and will go back directly into Pixel Radio and it’s Community. Much love and Respect to all of you for the support and don’t forget you can also help by telling your friends about us <3








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