What is Pixel Radio?

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Who are we you ask?

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We’re Pixel Radio.. A Video Game Music Community born on Grooveshark who made a new home with our friends and listeners on Plug.dj then moved forward to Dubtrack.FM when Grooveshark and Plug.dj sank under. Our main focus is to entertain you with VGM on our Dubtrack.FM friendly driven community room, but why stop there. We want to expand with our community and give them a platform in which to chat, post, show off your talents, your recent accomplishments, your random internet find, or any other gamer focused passion whether it be in-game or IRL. We all love video games and we all have stories and moments we want to share… and so in the depths of a Hyrulian dungeon, forged together by Pikachu, the God of War Kratos, and Cortana. Using tools and items brought to you by the adventurer Nathan Drake, technology created by the combined effort of Dr. Light and Samus Aran and a little Black Mage/White Mage magic… We have created The Pixel Radio Project.


Pixel Radio Project is our new base of operations for our community. If you are an avid listener on our Pixel Radio Broadcast or simply love games. We encourage you to contribute to our new home. We will have several ranks to include anyone who wants to join and so long as you stay within the spirit of the site. Your post, talengiphy (1)ts, and other finds can be shared for others to view.

  • Are you a streamer within our community? We have a home and place for you to design and promote yourself.
  • Are you and Artist or Designer? Why not link or post your work here to showcase for our community.
  • Do you like to write or have a thought on gamer related goings like news, upcoming games, or the latest game you played? Why not write a post to blog it here.
  • Have a Music playlist you found or a wacky gamer video you found or created? Drop it off in our library or post it on our blog.

The possibilities for this site is as endless as you contribute to continue to grow it.

Really, we’re a happy community and we only want to continue to show off our love for games in a friendly environment. Welcome to the Family <3


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